Source code for libqtile.widget.mpd2widget

from . import base
from libqtile.log_utils import logger

from six import u, text_type
from socket import error as socket_error
from mpd import MPDClient, ConnectionError, CommandError

# Shortcuts
# TODO: Volume inc/dec support
keys = {
    # Left mouse button
    "toggle": 1,
    # Right mouse button
    "stop": 3,
    # Scroll up
    "previous": 4,
    # Scroll down
    "next": 5,
    # User defined command
    "command": None

# To display mpd state
play_states = {
    'play': u('\u25b6'),
    'pause': u('\u23F8'),
    'stop': u('\u25a0'),

def option(char):
    def _convert(elements, key, space):
        if key in elements and elements[key] != '0':
            elements[key] = char
            elements[key] = space
    return _convert

prepare_status = {
    'repeat': option('r'),
    'random': option('z'),
    'single': option('1'),
    'consume': option('c'),
    'updating_db': option('U')

default_format = '{play_status} {artist}/{title} ' +\

[docs]class Mpd2(base.ThreadPoolText): """A widget for Music Player Daemon (MPD) based on python-mpd2 This widget exists since python-mpd library is no more supported. Parameters ========== status_format : format string to display status Full list of values see in ``status`` and ``currentsong`` commands Default:: {play_status} {artist}/{title} [{repeat}{random}{single}{consume}{updating_db}] ``play_status`` is string from ``play_states`` dict Note that ``time`` property of song renamed to ``fulltime`` to prevent conflicts with status information during formating. prepare_status : dict of functions for replace values in status with custom ``f(status, key, space_element) => str`` """ orientations = base.ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL defaults = [ ('update_interval', 1, 'Interval of update widget'), ('host', 'localhost', 'Host of mpd server'), ('port', 6600, 'Port of mpd server'), ('password', None, 'Password for auth on mpd server'), ('keys', keys, 'Shortcut keys'), ('play_states', play_states, 'Play state mapping'), ('command', None, 'Executable command by "command" shortcut'), ('timeout', 30, 'MPDClient timeout'), ('idletimeout', 5, 'MPDClient idle command timeout'), ('no_connection', 'No connection', 'Text when mpd is disconnected'), ('space', '-', 'Space keeper') ] def __init__(self, status_format=default_format, prepare_status=prepare_status, **config): super(Mpd2, self).__init__(None, **config) self.add_defaults(Mpd2.defaults) self.status_format = status_format self.prepare_status = prepare_status self.connected = False self.client = MPDClient() self.client.timeout = self.timeout self.client.idletimeout = self.idletimeout self.try_reconnect() def try_reconnect(self): if not self.connected: try: except(socket_error, ConnectionError): try: self.client.connect(, self.port) if self.password: self.client.password(self.password) self.connected = True except(socket_error, ConnectionError, CommandError): self.connected = False def poll(self): self.try_reconnect() if self.connected: return self.update_status() else: return self.no_connection def update_status(self): self.client.command_list_ok_begin() self.client.status() self.client.currentsong() status, current_song = self.client.command_list_end() return self.formatter(status, current_song) # TODO: Resolve timeouts on the method call def button_press(self, x, y, button): self.try_reconnect() if self.connected: self[button] def __getitem__(self, key): if key == self.keys["toggle"]: status = self.client.status() play_status = status['state'] if play_status == 'play': self.client.pause() else: if key == self.keys["stop"]: self.client.stop() if key == self.keys["previous"]: self.client.previous() if key == self.keys["next"]: if key == self.keys['command']: if self.command: self.command(self.client) self.update(self.update_status) def formatter(self, status, currentsong): play_status = self.play_states[status['state']] # Dirty hack to prevent keys conflict currentsong['fulltime'] = currentsong['time'] del currentsong['time'] self.prepare_formatting(status, currentsong) status.update(currentsong) fmt = self.status_format if not isinstance(fmt, text_type): fmt = u(fmt) try: formatted = fmt.format(play_status=play_status, **status) return formatted except KeyError as e: logger.exception("mpd client did not return status: {}".format(e.args[0])) return "ERROR" def prepare_formatting(self, status, currentsong): for key in self.prepare_status: self.prepare_status[key](status, key, def finalize(self): super(Mpd2, self).finalize() try: self.client.close() self.client.disconnect() except ConnectionError: pass